Baby Container

Body: Soda-lime Glass || Cap: PP || Ring: Silicone || Spoon: Silicone

Safe and Healthy Baby Containers

These Baby containers by Glasslcok are made of tempered glass which has a shock resistance 3 to 5 times higher than normal glass. Moreover, it is made from natural materials, 100% free of BPA and other endocrine disruptors. That's why it is also called "Safety Tempered Glass".

Small Portions

With these mini containers, you can easily keep the ingredients separated from each other, prepare one-portions meals and bring them everywhere you go.


These lids have three or four lateral clips that produce a smooth snap when locking them in place and the silicone gaskets ensure that the containers are 100% airtight.

Silicone Spoon

Soft, flexible but resistant Glasslock silicone spoon is safe and fits snugly the curved shapes of the containers.

Baby Meal Set

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